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Seasons 52 is an American fresh grill and wine bar developed in 2003. The brand concept is to deliver a casually sophisticated atmosphere, seasonal menu, and offer fresh ingredients to deliver menu items that are naturally lighter. As of 2016, there are 42 Seasons 52 locations in the United States.


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Server (Former Employee) says

"Worst management ever. You think you'll make money, but that's saved for those that have that have been there for years.. He is a narcissist will fire you at any given moment for no reason."

Server/Bartender (Former Employee) says

"Avoid at all costs. Just left this place recently since finally I got a job in the area for Deloitte in my field since I finally graduated , and although personally I didn't had any troubles after working here a good amount of time , I hope might help you , that's what I notticed: 1. You will be "just another Nr " but Not a person , within an army of waiters and bartenders with college degrees ....... 2. The managers care about the Nr only Period !! "The Nr"= the reports issued by the mystery shoppers and boy there's plenty per month ! Why work in a place with so much pressure if the tips are average for the area anyway ?! 3. Servers do all sidework , clean , vacuum ...wipe the dustt... and plenty more to eat up a lot of your time after the shift and in between. 3. wait staff sneaking around trying to pass sidework to the others , and it happens always therefore arguments are so common. 4. Some veterans -wait staff are cool and you'll be cool with them too , help each other , since the remaining of the staff will be like ...: ignoring , no eye contact whatsoever, only when they need something will remember you )).... Good luck with that if they wanna keep the job there since these mystery shoppers are so experienced and notice every detail , and will chop off the scores on the reports . 5. A Loooot of employee turnover , especially since this place is big, the ignorance prevails people come and go and don't care. 6. Major in a good field so you don't have to be stuck in this place , or simply work in another restaurant without the pressure this place provides, money wiseeating the flatbreads -orders that were mistaken or customers changed their mindsno free food, but some discount is available"

Chef (Former Employee) says

"Like to hear complaining, and be blamed for things you didn't do? This place is for you! Head chef only cares about guests, not employees. Half of the employees are allowed to show up 30 minutes to an hour late, no repercussions. Have fun working ridiculously over booked holidays. ALL of them.Decent money, sometimes free food from gfcNo breaks, no smoking, they care about customers, not employees"

Line Cook (Current Employee) says

"Managers don't take their jobs serious enough. Lack of respect for most of the staff from managers. Used to love working here till there was one to many broken promises.Family meal, easy to learn different techniques due to changing menuLack of diversity, lack of respect, no teamwork as a whole"

Grill Cook (Current Employee) says

"Management doesn't know what it's doing. Constant harrasment and bullying from the sous chef. Hardly ever get a raise and never ever get bonuses all while being lucky if you even get close to 30 hours"

Server (Former Employee) says

"I hated working here. Everybody is on some kind of hard drug. People are out to get you, and they treat you terribly. Management doesn’t take any kind of physical threats seriously, and the turnover rate is ridiculous. Avoid this place at all costs.Good moneyEverything else"

Server (Former Employee) says

"Day of server work is 3-4 table section with minimal side work. Down time talk among other co-workers and polish silverware. Unless you are a "veteran" server or a buddy to a manger, you will not get the shifts desired. Management puts all staff within a year working on lunch shifts, limiting growth. The position is "sales performance" and holds high check averages, yet will schedule servers with low performance to good shifts. (Night time, or banquets) Not an opinion, this is statistical as they have written data showing these numbers. Chefs, also known as kitchen managers have minimal respect for servers, and are very close knit to management. Chefs get angry every day at someone who makes a mistake, male line kitchen workers are disgusting, inappropriate towards female staff, and women kitchen workers are rude, ghetto and trashy. Servers are cliquey, phony and fake. Management is discriminatory to women, calling them "girl" or "lady". This also goes for male trainers who have been with the company for 5 + years. This place is just sad. Not a high end restaurant, but a Darden chain. Sadly, employees act the same way guests do. Terrible attitudes, and the food is frozen, never FRESH."

server (Former Employee) says

"Dishwasher quit right before I got hired, dangerously stacked plates and no manager handling situation. Nice atmosphere and menu, but corporate scripted greet at every table very frustrating. Male managers very nice. Females somewhat catty, servers and management alike. Training was 10am-8pm for 7 days. Grueling."

FOH Server (Former Employee) says

"Probably worst job I have ever had. The management has no control over staff, nor do they care, the pretty much let the staff make scheduling decisions that dictate people’s money. Even if you’re a great employee and do your best they don’t care nor do they have any clue what’s even going on. You’re told to go to managers with guest issues but when you do they tell you to handle it yourself. You are made to clean and do work that technically you aren’t getting paid the proper wage for and once again they do not care.Food discountManagement is the absolute worst"

Server/bartender (Former Employee) says

"(Seasons52 at a location close to Washington DC. ). $$ good in the weekend. Weekdays ...not so good. Management always helpful (most of). Tons of sidework since this place doesn't have bussers / helpers, just servers . Since this place is very big - there's a lot of sidework to do. Servers always argue about who did-not what sidework- (1-2 h per day of sidework). The Ridiculous : secret shoppers (lots of em" ) per month , their rating calls for Perfection !! which is obviously impossible. There's like..30 steps of service and if you missed one -or you were late ( for example: must great guests in less than 60 sec. -regardless that you might be seated another table but you are taking the orders for another- some other steps on the secret shopper report are even more Ridiculous - so you're below the score of 95 and now "you re not a good server/bartender anymore" -thats how you will be seen. Risk of being fired if you score low. (Eventually you will- or will get rid of u). /Some managers are very nice and helpful / coworkers very ignorant -wont greet each other or Make eye contact. Weird, because in the DC /va/md area everybody is super nice generally, warm too. // Huge employee turnover / Also the new employees although some were very nice and helpful, quickly get transformed by the ignorant attitude/ atmosphere" that prevails (too bad). There"s good things too. convenient location,The food is good, floxible shifts-managers are very helpful on that, the design is nice, $$ only on the weekend. /there is place for promotions/ Overall, a very stressful place to work"

Line Cook / Prep Cook (Former Employee) says

"Would be a pretty good place to work if it wasnt for the terrible management. More concerned with dollars & cents, turning over tables and covering shifts. Instead of setting up the company's staff for success, running a well oiled efficient machine and at the same time maintaining a professional atmosphere with respect for their employees."

Bartender (Former Employee) says

"As I mentioned earlier in my review, I was given the option to shave my beard or resign AFTER being hired with Seaons 52. I had completed orientation and a few training sessions before a manager called to let me know he had "forgot" to tell me my beard had to be under a half inch- which it far exceeds. Had this been addressed during the interview or orientation, I would have simply declined. It was a full time/part time offering. Training shifts can run anywhere from 5-15 shifts where you make minimum wage which was horrible considering the bartenders are making $250 and you're making $8 an hour. The environment was incredibly corporate and rule filled. The clientele seemed to fit the part being middle/upper class and entitled. Decent amount of side work but also had food runners which was nice. Overall I'm very happy my time there was short and feel blessed that my beard helped me dodge a bullet. There were some nice benefits if you could stomach the culture. My particular managing partner was great as well. Although she couldn't help the beard situation she was very helpful in trying to relocate me to another Darden brand if I wanted. My overall thoughts are as follows: If you can stomach the corporate clientele and culture you might do okay at Seasons 52 but if not then I would steer clear. You could easily make this money at a good neighborhood bar and have more freedom.Vitmain water xxx on fountain, benefitsPretty much everything else"

Bar Trainer (Former Employee) says

"no more than 3 tables & about 35 steps of service required. secret shoppers every day - if you fail you get in trouble (possibly terminated). $25/hr av. on weekends if busy - $9/hr if slow. seasonal employee meetings on weekend mornings for new menu lunch at 3 pm (when most of the staff has already been cut & sent home)will work you straight through (13 hrs) without a break unless you seriously complain"

Hourly Associate (Former Employee) says

"Nah, don't bother. This is specifically for the seasons in cherry hill. 150 character min... servers only get 3 table sections and the hosts can barley pay their bills."

Server (Current Employee) says

"the place should be good money the menu price point seems that way . but it isn't ... the opportunity isn't equal , the station are divided by 3 table sections and not seat counts. You are scheduled for double shifts with out breaks.It is not uncommon to work 10 or 12 hours with out a break . There is also about 2 hours of side work ever night before you leave. Management doesn't rewarded you for knowledge or skill. Large wine menu with little wine training. Microwaved food, frozen fish all of which wouldn't have bothered me if the places image wasn't seasonal fresh grill . The money was really bad .. if you are a professional stay away !!!free parkingeverthing"

Hostess/Stewardess (Current Employee) says

"Good luck getting any hours, especially if they pay you more, don’t even expect more than 10 hours a week. Management plays favorites, and the only way to advance is to kiss up to them. They make you do things that aren’t part of your job requirement, and they over hire people to see who stays which is unprofessional. A lot of unnecessary drama with coworkers."

Executive Chef Partner (Former Employee) says

"Was told I would be running a scratch kitchen, when actually salad dressing all came pre-made with preservatives, all deserts come from the freezer and are assembled not made, this is only a few examples.compensationlong day pre-made food"

Server/Waiter (Former Employee) says

"The GP only cares about his bonus and has no loyalty towards staff. Management fires the good staff and keeps the bad. Management is unprofessional sleeping with staff cursing at staff but teaches integrity when they have none. Rules are only for hourly workers.tipshave to suck up to management to have good section"

Hostess (Former Employee) says

"The general manager & events coordinator take their personal frustrations out on their employees, to them you are expendable. While many of the employees are kind & great to work with & you're selling great food working here is just not worth it. Promotion isn't skills based and takes many years, mangement hires from outside sources rather than from within almost every time. You won't be successful here unless you learn to brown nose. Pay is very low unless you have a position in which you earn tips & it's high stress because they overbook reservations. (Their opentable allows guests to make reservations in outside slots without their knowledge so wait times become upwards of 20 minutes for reservations). Work literally anywhere else!Good food, fellow employeesNo room for growth, unresponsive management, cliquey"

Food Server (Former Employee) says

"long hours for few tables tons of sidework overstaffed every night"

Mark says

"Stopped by for a quick drink and bite to eat in the Boca Raton location. Ordered a 9 ounce glass of Prisoner Wine and the charge was $33. $33! Yep, a glass of prisoner wine for $33! Are you freaking kidding me!? Are you freaking kidding me!!!!!!???? A bottle of Prisoner Wine anywhere is $43. Nothing they could do about as the price is set by corporate. They’re 2 miles from my house but this will be the last time in there foreverrrrr 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼"

Katie McWethy says

"Actually, 0 stars. They claimed to pay me $169 for a $200 gift card via a payment app called KyckGlobal. Apparently, my bank info was incorrect and I couldn't get paid. I did finally get someone to help me correct it, and I still haven't been paid -- and now the funds are gone from my KyckGlobal account! I'm in touch with the BBB and Attorney General of Texas. UPDATE: I DID give corrected bank info 10 days ago. Still haven't been paid, funds have still not re-appeared in my KyckGlobal account. CardPool refuses to provide documentation that they have processed my payment"

Stanley Chatman says

"I used to sell my 2 gift cards ($250 and $100). I have not received the agreed upon payment for the cards on August 8th. I would like the agreed upon amount for both cards totaling $299.80. They have sent almost robotic like responses to very specific questions via email and also via the BBB site "cardpool-llc-0875-91016443" My advice to anyone who has dealt with them to do the following: Anyone experiencing similar issues with Cardpool please contact the Attorney General in Texas to lodge a complaint. **replace ^ with . in urls www^texasattorneygeneral^gov www^texasattorneygeneral^gov/consumer-protection/file-consumer-complaint" I would also highly encourage you to contact your local attorney general and the FBI. Also I posed the following questions (9/1/2020) and have yet to get any response 1. It appears you have a payment outage/delay on your site. Have you put up any warning to other users or customers about this delay so they they can be prepared for a potential 3+ weeks delay in payment. I checked your site at on 9/1/2020 and did not see any warning. Don't you think it would be a good practice to warn users/customers of problems that you have? 2. Do you or your payment provider have a specific date on when payments will be restored? 3. What is the process if you never get the payment issue resolved? When will I get my original cards returned. 4. After 30 days it is your obligation to refund the money. Do you agree? What is the time-frame you have on file for resolving this issue. 5. www^consumer^ftc^gov/articles/0221-billed-merchandise-you-never-received#rights"

Jessica Bergmann says

"I've never written a review before, but like so many other people, cardpool stole my giftcard and money. After hours on the phone with the gift card company I found out someone used the entire balance of my card in a store yesterday (I worked all day so I know it wasn't me)! Today, I got a message from my bank saying the check cardpool had sent was "Returned- The payer asked us to stop this payment so the check was returned unpaid." and the money taken out of my account. I'm a teacher trying to make ends meet and best support my students and I'm appalled that a company would take advantage of people during these hard times. Update: cardpool is sending me a second check, if it comes and goes through, the customer support was quick and the process of selling a giftcard was easy and a good way to make extra money off of giftcards you don't want. Will update the review when that happens! (8/28/20)"

jack Schreiber says

"Cardpool claims to guarantee the value of all gift cards for ONE YEAR. I purchased a $100 Nordstrom gift card in June, 2020. The card was refused by the Nordsfrom store, which claimed that it was stolen. Cardpool informed me that the issue was not their concern. Cardpool refused to issue a refund. I filed with the BBB and my credit card company. Cardpool refuses to contact Nordstrom and verify the report that Nordstrom has found that the gift card sold to me by Cardpool was stolen. Finally, if you read Cardpool's response supplied on 8/27/20, it is obvious that the "one year guarantee" is NOT honored. Cardpool claims that I have abused past refunds. They also claim, falsely that I have somehow exceeded a $1000.00 refund limit. THIS CLAIM IS A LIE. Please notice that I requested Cardpool to contact and report what Nordstrom customer service has to say about the bogus gift card that Cardpool sold to me. Cardpool has never contacted Nordstrom. If Cardpool would have contacted Nordstrom and admitted that Nordstrom had cancelled the card because it was stolen, this issue would be over. I recommend that those reading this "Trustpilot" also read what the BBB of Irving/Dallas Texas have to say about Cardpool and their business practices. The BBB tells the truth about Cardpool. In the future, I will contact the BBB prior to dealing with a firm like Cardpool."

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